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Freeze Tag
Brad says "What?"
Another story for the fillathon! This is for this prompt, which is for someone to teach Linkara how to play freeze tag. I decided that would be fun for the Linkara/Spoony/Snob threesome to accomplish. I really love teasing Snob, lol. This ficlet got a bit smutty, so that was fun to write. XD I hope the original prompter sees and enjoys! :)

Title comes from the classic game of the same name.

“Hello, and welcome to ‘Atop the Fourth Wall’, where… ”

Linkara trailed off when he caught sight of Spoony and Cinema Snob, who were currently standing behind his camera making out like a couple of teenagers. He growled, cleared his throat, and tried again to continue with his introduction, but to no avail. Every time he tried to talk he was distracted by a moan or a grunt emanating from the duo, and when Spoony’s hand slid down the back of Snob’s pants, he gave up completely.

“Okay, fine. You win, I’m stopping for now,” he declared, walking over to shut off the camera. “Thanks ever so much for dropping by to disturb me from my work,” he told them as sarcastically as he could.

Spoony snickered while Snob rolled his eyes, the two pulling apart with ease.

“I knew he’d get mad.”

“You have all damn weekend to work on filming, while we can only stay for the afternoon, so calm the fuck down.”

Linkara sighed before wrapping his arms around the two of them and kissing each softly. “Alright, fine. You have my complete attention. So, what do you want to do with it?”

Spoony clapped his hands together, looking rather excited. “Today, we are going to correct a grievous mistake made in your youth, Linkara! You will finally be taught how to play the exciting game of freeze tag!”

Linkara stared at Spoony blankly for several moments. “Good one. So, what are we really going to do?”

Spoony crossed his arms. “I am not kidding, Linkara. It’s a travesty to stand here knowing your education was so lacking as a kid.”

“My education was just fine,” Linkara replied, crossing his arms as well. “Just because I didn’t learn how to play one of the many games kids play does not mean I know nothing.”

Spoony shared a concerned look with Snob. “This is worse than I thought. He’s deluded himself into believing this is no big deal. We’ll have to act fast.”

“Are you seriously going along with this?” Linkara asked, looking to Snob in surprise.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got everything all planned out,” Snob declared, giving Linkara one of his trademark smiles. Linkara sighed and shrugged.

“Alright, fine. If this is how you guys want to spend your time, then go ahead and teach me freeze tag. But I’m not doing this outside where people can see me.”

“As if they aren’t already used to you acting like a jackass,” Snob muttered.

“That’s fine, we can do it in the living room,” Spoony agreed.

The three made their way out into the most open area of the room and stood in a triangular formation.

“Okay, so what do we do?” Linkara wondered, his arms still crossed. “I should also warn you that I’m not doing any running.”

“Since this isn’t an official game but an explanation of the rules, I’ll allow it,” Spoony graciously decided. “So, for this
demonstration, I will be the one who is ‘it’ and you two will be the free players. Like in regular tag, it’s my job to chase you and catch you. However, once I catch you, you don’t become ‘it’ in my place, but you are forced instead to freeze in place, hence the name.”

“Your knowledge truly amazes me,” Linkara snarked.

“Shut up. Now.” Spoony turned to Snob and reached out his hand to touch his shoulder. “I’ve caught you. You’re frozen and can’t move. Stand with your legs spread out and your hands on top of your head, Snob.”

“Ugh, fine.” Snob slid his feet across the carpet and assumed the position, though his expression was grumpier than usual, which had the bonus effect of making him look even cuter.

“Good. This lets the other free players know you’re frozen. My job is to tag all the other free players and get them into this position. However, you can be unfrozen only if one of the free players performs a certain gesture. Linkara, you can un-freeze Snob if you can crawl through his legs before I catch you.”

Linkara arched an eyebrow and suddenly an idea popped into his head. “I think I get it, but can I try it out to be certain?”


Snob looked confused by this turn of events. “Wait, what? Spoony, I thought-ah!” Snob let out a cry of surprise when Linkara’s head suddenly appeared between his legs.

“Hello!” he cheerfully announced as he looked up at Snob. “It looks like it’s going to be a tight fit here, so I’d really better hold on to you. I wouldn’t want you to fall or anything!”

Linkara gently gripped the backs of Snob’s knees and smiled devilishly when the other man started to squirm.

“S-stop… let g-go…” he mumbled, removing his hands from his head as he intended to swat Linkara away from him. To Snob’s frustration, his wrists were caught by Spoony, who held them up in the air.

“Technically you’re still frozen, since Linkara hasn’t crawled through your legs completely,” he reminded Snob, a mischievous note in his voice. “So no moving those arms just yet.”

“I am going to fucking kill you-gah!” Snob bit down on his lip when Linkara started squeezing his knees before sliding his fingers up to dance along his inner thighs.

“I think you’re enjoying yourself more than you let on,” Linkara teased, watching with delight as Snob’s squirming increased, small bursts of laughter slipping out despite his best efforts to keep them inside.

“I’ll say.” Spoony glanced down at Snob’s crotch, which was already showing a bulge. “You might need to help him out there, Linkara.”

“Good idea!” Linkara stopped his assault long enough to unzip Snob’s fly and reach a hand inside his pants, squeezing his cock eagerly.

“Damn it all!” Snob groaned, unable to stop from thrusting his hips in Linkara’s direction. “This isn’t what you told me would happen, Spoony!”

“I know, but it’s a lot more fun to make up the rules as we go,” Spoony replied before bending down to capture Snob’s lips in a playful kiss. Linkara continued to stoke him until at last Snob could resist no longer and exploded with a cry of delight.

“Holy shit…” Snob moaned, panting heavily once he was done. Linkara at last granted him mercy and crawled all the way through his legs so that Spoony could help him walk over to the couch.

“You can change into one of my pairs of jeans,” Linkara let Snob know.


“Good job there, assistant. I think Linkara really learned a lot from this,” Spoony teased yet again as he pulled Snob into a hug. Then he turned back to Linkara. “So, what did you think about your first game of freeze tag?”

Linkara smiled. “I can see now that I really have been missing out. However, I’m not quite sure I have it down yet, so who’s up for round two?”

Snob smiled back immediately. “Oh fuck yes.”

From that afternoon on, many games of freeze tag were played at the base, and Linkara thanked his younger self for never learning it before, because playing as an adult was much more fun.

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Hehe. This is so cute. I love these three together.

Thanks. I think these three are cute together too. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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